The first ever molecularly aged nanostructured vodka!

Ms. Cameo™ Vodka is made from corn and wheat grain and nanostructured with proprietary, patented technology. This nanostructured alcohol is molecularly bonded with our super-pure revitalized water; water that is revitalized by our special process and patented technology. Once it has been revitalized, the water composition changes, becoming velvet soft and pleasant to drink.

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Ms.Cameo™ Black Label - Platinum Award

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You must try it to believe; it's a really great experience!

Cameo Vodka Wine Flavors

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The best of Napa Valley wines infused Cameo vodka

Award Winning Ms. Cameo™ Vodka Flavors

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Enjoy our specially crafted infused vodka flavors!


Cameo Vodka is the elixir of life, it’s a magic drink which when drunk brings immortality, eternal life, and eternal youth.

Jackie Smith, USA

The music goes through my soul and makes me feel another level of happiness that can't be reached without Cameo through normal means.

Mike Brown, Germany

Life seems to go on without effort when I am filled with music. Cameo is like music, an outburst of the soul.

Marta Nowak, Poland

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