Champagne Extract Infused Vodka

Champagne is a sparkling wine produced from grapes grown in the Champagne region of France.

- Inhale its bouquet slowly, and then recognize aromas of fruits or flowers, or richer smells like vanilla and spices. Finally, taste the Champagne Extract Infused Vodka. You will not only find the aromas you have identified with your nose but you will also uncover the true nature of your champagne and vodka: smooth or full-bodied, delicate or complex. Make sure your bottle is not too cold. Champagne Extract Infused Vodka requires chilling not freezing.

Now gently swill the champagne extract flavored vodka around the inside of the martini glass. As you finish gently swilling, now you can enjoy the bouquet. The very essence of wine and vodka tasting! With your nose placed inside the flute, take a gentle inward breath through your nose. Close your eyes! What can you smell? Apricots? Honey? Lemons or limes maybe? Summer berries? Is it bready? You’ll find lots of hints of various things so see what you can spot.

Swallow and enjoy the lingering flavor of champagne vodka. How long does it last? This is what we call ‘the finish.’ Does the taste change? Is it a touch spicy or sweet?