Merlot-infused vodka

The classic Merlot grape originated from the Bordeaux region of France.

A range of fresh flavors such as plums, cherries, blueberries, and blackberries mixed with cocoa and blackpepper tones, often dominate this type of red wine.

Cameo Merlot vodka is infused with 100% Merlot organic extract. The method used to manufacture this unique flavor extract a simple and common process to soak and extract an organic alcohol/water mixture for a period of time, sometimes up to several months. Normally, for a standard organic extract, you would extract for a period of not less than fourteen days. That's how long Merlot extract is aged and extract is made.

Cameo Merlot vodka is a superior nano blend that resembles the best Merlot wines.

Follow Your Nose

Swirl the Cameo Merlot vodka in your martini glass; it will release a range of delightful aromas. Then take a quick whiff for an initial impression. Finally, smell more deeply and slowly. You might notice flowers or fruit, an earthy scent, or an oaky aroma.

Consider the Taste

Take a sip of Cameo Merlot vodka, and then let it rest in your mouth for a moment before swallowing. Now consider the taste. Do you taste fruits or spices? Does the taste go away quickly or linger? Is it tart or sweet?

Feel for the Body

Take another sip of Cameo Merlot vodka. Before swallowing, take in a little air. This will activate your senses further. Notice how the wine feels in your mouth. How does the touch affect your tongue and throat as you swallow? Was the feel of the wine lean or rich, velvety or smooth, silky or sticky? Did the warm and soft touch of vodka bring you pleasure of this unique combination?