Cognac XO infused vodka

This mellow and complex cognac vodka is a creation of the ideal balance between floral and fruity flavor.

The aroma is strong with hints of peach and oak; you may also sense some orange or orange peels in this. Very smooth, the tastes linger on your palate long after you swallow, in a good way. If you are into cognacs I would recommend trying this vodka at least once in your life.

The age of the cognac is calculated by the youngest eau-de-vie used in the blend. The blend is usually of different ages and (in the case of the larger and more commercial producers) from different local areas. This blending, or marriage, of different eaux-de-vie is important to obtain a complexity of flavors not present in an eau-de-vie from a single distillery or vineyard. Our cognac extract is carefully selected from the best aged XO cognacs and then bonded on a molecular level with nano-accelerated aged vodka.