Entering the mouth like oiled silk, slightly sweet with a medium oily body that coats or enrobes the tongue, then sliding away with whispers of corn and a touch of heat..

Imparts a slight sweetness and adds an oily weight and feel to any cocktail you use it in. It is much smoother than many vodkas. Deadly smooth when cold, it could lead to dancing… Robert Smith

Clear, almost quicksilver in appearance. On swirling, it coats the glass with a thin but nicely oily layer which then recedes leaving a mixture of droplets and legs. Citrus, grain notes—nicely done. This one has a spritely light body with none of the faults.

Excellent quality vodka. Beats Grey Goose and cheaper too, along with being a local product made on site from local ingredients at a very attractive price.

Kenneth Edwards

Finally, a high-end vodka with some taste! We are tired of those high-end vodkas that try to outdo each other in being more “smooth” (read tasteless)! One of the best new American vodkas—much cleaner than Grey Goose or almost any other vodka I can think of and has excellent smoothness and taste.

Donna Phillips

No nasty grain/rubbing alcohol scents to it, good body to it. Very nice smooth taste to it with a hint of citrus, dry not sweet. Slight and very pleasant warming finish to it with an echo of a dry honey at finish. I was actually quite impressed with it. Altogether, very nicely done and deadly smooth. Highly recommend.

George Martin