The Cameo Vodka line consist of 10 different flavors. One classic (Unflavored Vodka) and 9 flavored.

1. Ms. Cameo Classic/Unflavored Vodka 2. Haunted House/Cognac XO Vodka 3. Midnight Lemon 4. Fool Moon Grapes/Burgundy Wine Vodka 5. Forever Chocolate Vodka 6. Under The Fire/Vintage Port Vodka 7. Tequila Double Shot Vodka 8. The Purple Nights/Merlot Vodka 9. Creepy Wine/Gold Chardonnay Vodka 10. Champagne Fusion Vodka

This is nanostructured alcohol that is molecularly bonded with our super-pure revitalized water, Water that is revitalized by our special process and patented technology. Once it has been revitalized the water and alcohol composition is changed, and it becomes velvet soft and pleasant to drink.

Our Cameo classic vodka is 80 proof, but all flavored vodka is 70 proof. Each of Cameo Vodka's latest flavor creations is four times distilled and offesr a smooth premium taste at 70 proof. Whether served chilled, on the rocks, or mixed in festive cocktails, Cameo Vodka's newest innovations are the perfect accessory or gift for any occasion including birthdays, Halloween, Thanksgiving, or any holiday party.

The first ever molecularly bonded nanostructured alcohol and our superior pure revitalized water have created a profoundly smooth and remarkable vodka. The revitalized water is absorbed best by the body and slows down dehydration, which helps to eliminate hangover.