Cognac XO Vodka - The King's Martini!

This mellow and complex cognac vodka is a creation of an ideal balance between floral and fruity flavor.

Cognac is a grape-based spirit that must be made of 90% ugni blanc, folle blanche, and/or colombard grapes. The wine produced from these grapes is high in acid and low in alcohol, giving Cognac its attractive flavor. Cognac is a popular base ingredient in many original cocktails.

We created congnac infused vodka.

There are two ways of perceiving aromas: directly through the nose, or indirectly through the mouth (retro-olfaction).

Swirl the glass very gently to aerate the cognac. The contact with oxygen reveals its aromatic components. Here you will encounter floral or fruity aromas such as linden flower, grapevine flower, dry vines, freshly crushed grapes, violets, and vanilla.

Take a sip and take in a little air over the vognac vodka in your mouth. This brings the magic blend into contact with most of the taste receptors in the mouth. The ambient heat will also release aromatic vapors that will reach the olfactive bulb via the retronasal passage. This is the moment when all the aspects of the spirit’s personality become apparent: is it round, mellow, smooth? Does it have finesse, delicacy, breed, rancio, balance…?