Tequila Vodka

If you love vodka and are also a tequila lover, now you can enjoy both in one. Try our Cameo vodka infused with one of the best real tequila extracts.

Tequila is distilled in pot stills until it reaches 110 proof. The result is a clear spirit with a significant amount of congeners produced during fermentation. Some tequileros re-distill the tequila to produce a cleaner, blander liquor. The darker varieties get their color from the addition of caramel or, in the case of high-quality tequila, from barrel aging. Other tequilas are flavored with small amounts of Sherry, prune concentrate and coconut. Most tequila requires no aging.

According to research, tequila, which has more congeners than vodka, will cause a worse hangover.

Our nanostructured vodka and best tequila extracts are instantly aged without any congeners. These tequilas and vodka blends are very smooth, making for the perfect shots. Molecular bonded, nanostractured alcohol and our superior pure revitalized water create a profoundly smooth and remarkable vodka. The revitalized water is absorbed best by the body and slows down dehydration, helping to eliminate hangover.