PLATINUM MEDAL AWARD - Ms.Cameo Classic Vodka

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The only internationally recognized consumer judged spirit competition.Spirit is judged by a panel of consumers, not by industry insiders, brand owners or professionals but by the people that matter the most.

Ms.Cameo Classic

The first ever molecularly aged nanostructured vodka!

This nanostructured alcohol is molecularly bonded with our super-pure revitalized water; water that is revitalized by our special process and patented technology. Once it has been revitalized, the water composition changes; it becomes velvet soft and pleasant to drink. The first ever molecularly bonded nanostructured alcohol and our superior pure revitalized water have created a profoundly smooth and remarkable vodka. The revitalized water is absorbed best by the body and slows down dehydration, helping to eliminate hangover. Ms.Cameo Classic vodka is velvet soft and pleasant to drink.


Cameo Vodka is made from corn and wheat grain that is 4 times distilled, 3 times filtered, and nanostructured by a proprietary, patented technology. Super smooth, full-bodied, delicate and complex. Feel the warmth of the smoothest vodka ever!


Cameo Midnight Lemon vodka is very light, simply covering the background and allowing notes of lavender, jasmine, and grain to accent. This alcoholic drink is very refreshing. Midnight lemon vodka will bring you tastes of lemon, mango, orange, and an aroma of flowers. It is the incredibly refreshing taste of spring. Our vodka, water, and extracts are not mixed together, instead they are bonded on the molecular level. Our proprietary nano process is able to deliver an instantly aged product and the flavors that normally can be achieved after many years of aging.