Port-infused vodka

Creamy, with delicious, dessert-like notes. Mellow and soft, yet fruity flavor in a unique blend of our superior vodka.

Sweet, fortified port wine is a Portuguese style of wine. Normally red, it can sometimes be white, and is usually served as a silky dessert wine. Tawny port is made from red grapes. It is known for its sweet, nutty flavor, and it can be a medium to dry wine.

Port wine has a rich aroma redolent of peppery zinfandel, sweet oak, and the fine brandy used to arrest its fermentation. The resulting ‘marriage’ leaves a dessert wine of some eight percent residual sugar with a comfortable alcohol by volume of eighteen percent. The exquisite balance of fruit, oak, sugar, and alcohol is soft on the palate and long and round in the finish pairing well with a variety of fine desserts—especially chocolate!

Try our port-infused Cameo vodka and you will be able to enjoy the incredible flavors of a port wine and a super-smooth, nanostructured vodka at the same time.