Cameo Vodka, which was developed by a group of scientists, will soon launch in California with the intention of eventually expanding to the rest of the United States. Cameo USA, LLC has prepared a comprehensive plan for the development of brand awareness and marketing of this premium vodka new to the US market. To capture market share, Cameo Vodka must establish and cultivate a strong brand image. At the outset, to appeal to the US market, the company will use name Cameo Vodka and display a more attractive label and bottle than what currently exists.

An analysis of the current competition for Cameo Vodka is presented that focuses on three of the most popular vodkas sold in the US today. Using SWOT analyses, the particular strengths and weaknesses of Cameo Vodka in the light of this competition are examined. Key threats and key opportunities are identified, for example, there is tough competition for Cameo Vodka but its unique qualities bode well for success. There is definitely a significant market opportunity for an attractively priced premium vodka.

Specific recommendations for action follow that emphasize the necessity for a strong brand image, well-defined positioning strategy and slogans, attractive pricing, and select distribution locations. Taking into account that Cameo Vodka is a high-quality vodka product targeted at the upscale market segment consisting of both youthful and mature professionals, business people and others with an affluent lifestyle, a wide range of marketing strategies are presented.

We are convinced that Cameo Vodka will be heartily welcomed as a new brand of vodka in the US and confident that Cameo Vodka will acquire a powerful brand image and a very healthy market share in the near future.