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Award Winning Vodka!

Environmental Scan Summary Environmental scan has determined that CAMEO Vodka has certain competitive advantages over other vodkas in the North America market. As a premium brand, it outclasses vodka in the lower and mid price ranges. Its prime competition in the premium category is Grey Goose but CAMEO Vodka has a unique processing process, nanostractured alcohol, revitalized water, molecular bonding of alcohol with water, molecular bonding of natural flavor ingredients and water, plus it is priced slightly less than Grey Goose. Based on the SWOT analysis of other well-known vodka brands plus CAMEO, we were able to create a perceptual map that indicates the market positions of various vodka competitors plus just how competitive CAMEO Vodka has the potential to be. Furthermore, this analysis allows us to suitably tailor the branding and promotional campaign. The perceptual map that follows situates a number of the most popular vodkas in North America with respect to quality and price. CAMEO Vodka occupies a prominent place at the top end of high quality yet is positioned with a surprisingly moderate price tag that is not commensurate with its premium quality. In other words, compared to its competition, CAMEO Vodka is a high quality product at a relatively low price.